Victim Restitution

The Unit distributes monies in trust for Restitution to Crime Victims whom were victimized in the State of Nevada. These Restitution Distributions are forwarded to victims locally and internationally.

Restitution is defined as "The act of restoring monetary compensation to the rightful owner or victim for the "material value" of a loss, damage, or injury incurred as the result of an offender's unlawful conduct."

The Division uses the definition provided in NRS 213.005 to define a Victim. Pursuant to Nevada Supreme Court decisions and Attorney General opinions, some businesses, such as Insurance Companies, Hospitals and other health care service providers, are not victims when the losses they incur are part of doing business.

Monies held in trust accounts for victims are reviewed by the Fiscal Unit, at the Parole and Probation’s Headquarters' Office, on a 90-day basis.

The contact information is as follows:

Restitution, Bad Debt, and Accounts Payable Inquires: (775) 684-2614
E-Mail us at: 
Fax: (775) 684-2694

Note: Echeck payments received after 3:00 PM will be processed the next business day.

Offender Fees

Collection of Supervision fees generates revenue for the State of Nevada and is budgeted into this division funds. Therefore, it helps offset the cost of supervision to the taxpayer. It provides the opportunity for the offender to develop responsibility for past actions, as well as sharing the cost of their own rehabilitation. Fee assessment becomes a form of restitution or retribution to society.  

Victim Restitution FAQ's