Enhance public trust and community safety, and provide assistance to the Courts and the Parole Board by providing professional supervision of offenders to promote their successful reintegration into society.


The Division of Parole and Probation (Division) will remain a leader among community corrections  and law enforcement agencies within Nevada and other jurisdictions throughout the nation.  The Division will continue to collaborate with local, state and federal agencies and community and judicial partners to promote public safety through effective supervision and offender reintegration. Our methods in support of this vision include:

  •  Offender Management and Community Safety - The Division is dedicated to providing professional supervision of offenders to enhance community safety. 
  •  Court Services - The Division is dedicated to conducting thorough Pre-Sentence Investigations to assist District Courts in making informed sentencing decisions. The Division also assists various agencies within the criminal justice system, and prepares supervision and violation reports addressing the conduct of probationers and parolees.
  •  Victims’ Rights - The Division assists victims by determining the impact of the offense committed against them, and seeking input with regard to sentencing recommendations.The Division assists victims through collection of restitution and participation in a computerized tracking program, Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE). 
  •  Ethics - The Division promotes the highest level of ethical values and professionalism. 
  •  Public Relations - The Division establishes effective community relationships and partnerships to improve offender services and increase community involvement. 
  •  Emergency Response - The Division provides emergency response when called upon to assist allied agencies to further the Department’s overall mission of community safety.
  •  Leadership Development - The Division facilitates leadership through training, mentoring and empowering employees.