Presentence Investigations

The Nevada Division of Parole and Probation (NPP) Presentence Investigation Specialists conduct detailed investigations of persons convicted of felony or gross misdemeanor offenses and make sentencing recommendations to the District Court Judges through a document called a Presentence Investigation Report. The reports detail crimes that vary from the most serious offenses that include murder, sex offenses, crimes against children, to the less serious offenses that include theft and substance abuse. The investigation and report content requirements are governed by NRS 176.135 thru 176.156. In certain instances a person cannot receive a suspended sentence/probation without having an investigation completed and delivered.

Civilian staff Specialists conduct the Presentence Investigations (PSI) and prepare the reports. A questionnaire is used by the specialists to begin the investigation process. Questionnaires may be found on the Division Public Forms page here Public Forms.  Specialists attempt to personally interview each offender and conduct a thorough investigation. Also, interviewing victims to determine the impact the crime had on them physically, emotionally and financially is conducted.

The Presentence Investigation Report is an important tool which judges utilize at sentencing in addition to serving other useful purposes as follows:

  • It is used by the Division officer when the offender is released to either probation or parole
  • It is used by the Nevada Department of Corrections for inmate classification and designation
  • It is used by the Parole Commission in evaluating the granting of parole for inmates
  • It is used to locate fugitive or absconders, and in the investigation of a new crime
  • It is used by correctional treatment agencies in the rehabilitation of offenders
  • It is used by other states if the offender is approved for transfer under the Adult Interstate Compact agreement