Pardons Investigation and application

A Nevada Pardon investigation is conducted by the Nevada Division of Parole and Probation. An application for a Pardon must first be obtained from the Nevada Board of Pardons Commissioners and the applicant must meet certain eligibility criteria. It is not necessary to hire an attorney to obtain a pardon (see links below for further information.)  Application instructions and eligibility criteria may be found here Pardons Information. It is essential the application is complete and truthful when submitted.

Once an application is received by the Pardons Board Executive Secretary, a preliminary check for eligibility and completeness is performed.  To check on the status of an application please contact the Pardons Board Secretary. The Pardons Board Secretary's contact information is available on the pardons application page and may be found here Pardons Application

After passing the initial screening, the case is assigned to Parole and Probation for investigation.   The pardon investigation is a service provided to the Pardons Board by Parole and Probation which delivers an objective evaluation of the pardons applicant in the form of a report.  Investigations are in-depth and commonly take months to complete after the Division has received the application package from the Pardons Executive Secretary.  It is recommended that an individual interested in obtaining a pardon NOT seal their records prior to the completion of a pardons investigation.  Sealed records have the potential to significantly delay the investigation process and may interfere with or inhibit the likelihood of an outcome. A pardon is the only method to have one's right to bear arms restored in Nevada.


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